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Health Ministry: Every Twentieth Israeli Child a Test Tube Baby

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Every Twentieth Israeli Child A Test Tube Baby

According to Israel’s Ministry of Health 2015 data, 42 thousand fertility treatment cycles took place over the course of the year, up 21% compared to the ten-year average. Meanwhile, birth rate increased by 34% over the same period. Close to 90% of all treatment cycles resulted in an embryo transfer and approximately one in four […]

Quality, not Quantity – Study Says Ovarian Reserve Testing Not Best for Assessing Fertility

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Ovarian Reserve Testing Not Best for Assessing Fertility

Ovarian reserve testing, which is performed to measure how many eggs a woman has left, is at present the most common test to assess fertility. Now experts say its results may not be an accurate predictor, and that it’s the quality of the oocytes that is the key factor. Women are born with a finite […]

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