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Planning IVF? This Diet will Help You Fall Pregnant

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Mediterranean - Best fertility diet

A new study published last week in Oxford University’s Human Reproduction journal suggests that adhering to a Mediterranean diet for the 6 months leading up to your fertility treatment can improve the odds of getting pregnant by close to 70%. The caveat: it only works for women under 35. The study, conducted at Athens University, […]

Do Sleep Disorders Affect Fertility?

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Causes of infertility include sleeping disorders

Approximately 10% of women experience problems when trying to get pregnant. Ovulation disorders, (such as PCOS), hormonal imbalances, structural abnormalities (i.e. blocked falloian tubes) and harmful habits (i.e. smoking and alcohol abuse) are well known causes of infertility. Researchers from Taiwan believe they have discovered another factor. Previous research has already documented a connection between […]

Fertility Experts to Use an Obstacle Course to Select the Best Sperm for IVF

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Obstacle Course will Help Select Best Sperm for IVF

Scientists from Stanford University have devised a special “obstacle course” that will allow fertility specialists to locate the best sperm for IVF, thus increasing patients’ odds of conceiving. The 14 mm-long device named SPARTAN (Simple Periodic Array for Trapping And isolatioN) contains three-dimensional posts spermatozoa must navigate around. The fastest finishers are then collected to […]

Scientists Close in on Artificial Sperm

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Scientists Close in on Artificial Sperm

Presently, the only means by which IVF patients suffering from certain types of male-factor infertility and lesbian couples can achieve a pregnancy is sperm donation. This, however, might change, thanks to the efforts of specialists from Cambridge University, who are working on creating artificial sperm. Scientists have already created a healthy litter of mice from […]

Could Brain Estrogen Hold the Key to Unexplained Infertility Treatment?

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Estradiol may hold key to unexplained infertility treatment

Up until recently, fertility experts believed that ovulation depended only on the ovaries. That has changed in 2013 following the discovery of estrogens produced by hypothalamus. Now new research that may help treat at least some cases of unexplained infertility has revealed the importance of brain estradiol to the ovulation process. The menstrual cycle is […]

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year from ManorIVF!

On behalf of the ManorIVF staff we wish you a wonderful New Year!

Merry Christmas from ManorIVF!

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Merry Xmas from ManorIVF!

Merry Christmas from ManorIVF! May the new year bring everything you have dreamt of!

Australian Innovation Promises More High-quality Embryos

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Australian Innovation Promises More High-quality Embryos

Australian fertility experts have developed a new culture fluid (a solution that allows embryos created in vitro to develop), which is said to mimic natural conditions better than any of its predecessors. According to data from a trial that involved 6000 embryos created to 1200 patients between August 2016 and March 2017, using the new […]

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