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Experts Probe Use of Cancer Drug Letrozole for Infertility Treatment

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Letrozole for infertility treatment

First approved by the FDA in 1997, Letrozole, also known under the trade name Femara, was originally developed as a breast cancer treatment. However, since 2001 it has also been used as a fertility drug. Recently, scientists examined the efficacy of Letrozole for infertility treatment compared to natural and HRT cycles as well as other […]

Key to IVF Failure Found?

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key to ivf failure: crirpr-cas9

They’re expensive, exhausting and more often than not end up in heartbreak. Statistically speaking, only every fourth fertility treatment results in a birth. Now, a group of scientists from London’s Francis Crick Institute say they managed to isolate one factor related to IVF failure – a protein responsible for embryos’ development, bringing closer the day […]

Embryo Freezing: Does it Improve IVF Success Rates?

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Embryo Freezing May Improve IVF Success Rates

Under certain conditions, embryo freezing may significantly improve IVF treatment outcomes, according to a study published in the Fertility and Sterility journal in early August of this year. Recent technological improvements (such as vitrification) made egg and embryo cryopreservation increasingly common. One advantage of the technique is that it allows fertility specialists to test for genetic defects or […]

IVF Treatment Chances – Is Male Partner’s Age a Factor?

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Male Partner’s Age also affects Treatment Outcome

It is well known that that female fertility declines with age. But while news stories about celebrities fathering children well into their sixties, or, as was recently the case with rocker Mick Jagger, their seventies, are not uncommon, it turns out there’s also a clear link between the male partner’s age and IVF treatment chances. […]

Ovarian Tissue Freezing – Is It Better than Oocyte Cryopreservation?

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Ovarian tissue freezing

Presently, oocyte cryopreservation (egg freezing) is considered to be the “conventional” fertility preservation technique. In some cases, however, it isn’t an option (for example, due to medical reasons), so alternative methods, such as ovarian tissue freezing are used. What is ovarian tissue freezing? Ovary freezing is a relatively new technique, where doctors laparoscopically remove an […]

Age-related Fertility Issues are Overstated, Top Midwife Says, But is She Right?

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Fertility Issues after 40 overstated?

Doctors routinely warn women about age-related fertility issues they might face if they leave it too late, citing problems conceiving and higher risks for the embryo. Prof. Cathy Warwick, who is set to retire later this month after 9 years at the helm of RCM (Royal College of Midwives), however, believes such fears are mostly unfounded. […]

Tiny IVF Incubator Promises to Cut Treatment Costs

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INVOcell IVF Incubator

A new technology may soon speed up fertility treatments and make them more affordable: INVOcell’s IVF incubator, which reduces the amount of medications the recipient has to take, has been found to be as effective as traditional IVF techniques. Presently, during an IVF treatment, oocytes are fertilised in a test tube and the created embryos are […]

Yoga and IVF? The Surprising Link between Yoga Mats and Infertility

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A Harvard study published last weekend in the journal of Environmental Health Perspectives revealed an alarming connection between yoga and IVF failure, Israeli site Ynet reports. Researchers discovered that flame retardants (especially PFRs) commonly used in sofas, chair seats, mattresses, yoga mats and mobile cases can drastically harm female fertility: Women whose urine samples showed […]


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