Egg Donor Counselling

ManorIVF is a world leader in the ART field, offering the highest standard of ethical and responsible egg donation. All ManorIVF oocyte donors will have completed their specific egg donor counselling with a fully trained and highly professional donor counsellor. ManorIVF also guarantees that egg donors will have ongoing access to donor counselling should they require this.

The practice of egg donor counselling has been mandatory in the United Kingdom and Australia for many years.  As a result, we are able to draw on the significant expertise that exists in the clinical practice of donor counsellors in these countries.

All approved oocyte donors will have progressed through the following stages: assessment, counselling and decision making.


  • Has been assessed by the donor counsellor to be emotionally mature and insightful about her egg donation.
  • Has been assessed by the donor counsellor as psychologically and emotionally stable.
  • Does not display any evidence of financial, emotional or psychological coercion.


  • Has been encouraged to reflect critically on her motivation to become an oocyte donor.
  • Has carefully considered the short and long term physical, emotional, psychological and legal implications of her donation.
  • Has considered the possibility of unintentional later disclosure, for example through genetic testing and genetic genealogy databases.
  • Has been encouraged to discuss her decision with trusted friends/family members.
  • Has thought about whom she tells about the donation.
  • Has thought about how she feels about a child being born through her donation.
  • Has thought about how she feels about the donor offspring growing to adulthood.
  • Has thought about the possibility of the egg donation being unsuccessful.


  • Must be comfortable with disclosure of her identity, if donating in an identity release jurisdiction.
  • Must be fully informed about her legal status including any future legally sanctioned donor disclosure implications.
  • Has made a well-informed, independent decision to donate her eggs.
  • Has been given as much time as she needs to make her decision.
  • Has been encouraged to include her family in her decision making, if appropriate.

Egg donation is a significant physical, emotional and psychological undertaking for a woman. Enormous improvements in IVF practice over the years have greatly improved physical safety for egg donors. It is, however, equally important to deal with the psychological aspects of the procedure. In line with this, we believe that professional assessment and egg donor counselling is essential to the emotional wellbeing of an oocyte donor. This is why ManorIVF made it mandatory for our prospective donors