Egg Recipient Counselling

Egg donor counsellingWhile it is not mandated, ManorIVF strongly recommends the egg recipient to undergo counselling before making a final decision to embark on treatment, as the use of an egg donor is a profound, complex and life changing decision.

What is Covered in the Egg Recipient Sessions?

During these sessions oocyte recipients will have been given clear and relevant information and the opportunity to carefully consider the implications of family formation through egg donation. The counsellor will also provide empathic and professional support, taking the recipient’s personal circumstances into account. Recipients will be strongly encouraged to include their partner if they have one, in their counselling sessions.

During the counselling sessions the egg recipient will be offered the opportunity to explore, express and process their thoughts and feelings about:

  • Grief and loss in relation to their fertility and their initial hopes to have their own genetic family.
  • Having a child who is not genetically related to both parents and the impact the use of a donor may have on the the egg recipient and her partner's future relationship.
  • Parenting alone, if the recipient is a single woman.
  • How and when (and if) to tell a child about their genetic origins and the child’s possible future interest in contacting the donor.
  • Who will be told about the donation?
  • The possibility that treatment will not be successful.

ManorIVF is justifiably confident that the guaranteed provision of professional assessment, compassionate counselling and careful information provision by their counsellors, will thoroughly address the egg recipient's concerns.