Egg Donation & IVF in Cyprus Programme

Cyprus IVF, IVF in CyprusManorIVF Cyprus is working in conjunction with Pedieos Clinic to allow patients to receive egg donation treatment while enjoying Cyprus’ beautiful surroundings and fantastic climate. The Mediterranean republic has long become an attractive destination for women and couples seeking fertility care and ManorIVF is proud to offer premium services in the country. Egg donation and IVF in Cyprus are a growing industry, with many patients opting to combine their treatment with a relaxing holiday.

Our partner clinic, which is located in the heart of Cyprus’ capital Nicosia, offers state-of-the-art assisted reproductive services and the latest in advanced laboratory techniques. It was established by Dr K. M. Trokoudes, who is a leader in the field of IVF in Cyprus and Greece. The center’s success and experience makes it one of the best-regarded clinics on the island. Pedieos is fully accredited by the Cypriot Government as a Daycare Clinic and is also licensed under the EU’s Tissues and Cells Directive. Our team is there to give you all the professional and personal care you need whilst undergoing your treatment.

There’s no denying seeking egg donation abroad comes with a lot of unknowns. This is why ManorIVF’s staff includes a patient services manager, who will take care of you throughout your stay in Cyprus. Arranging transfers between the airport and your hotel, and driving you to and from your appointments at the clinic are only some of the complimentary services ManorIVF provides as part of their Egg Donation/IVF in Cyprus Treatment Programmes.

The combination of high-quality medical care, fantastic weather, stunning tranquil beaches and laid back lifestyle has helped turn Cyprus into a popular location for egg donation patients. We understand your first priority is the treatment. However, we believe immersing yourself in the culture and wonderful surroundings can be highly beneficial. We will do our utmost to ensure that you get to enjoy this beautiful part of the world while having your egg donation treatment with ManorIVF.

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