ManorIVF Egg Donation UK Programme

ManorIVF is proud to introduce its one-of-a-kind Embryo Guarantee egg donation program for UK residents!

Egg Donation UK programmeHaving recognised that donor availability and prohibitive prices force many couples to travel abroad for egg donation treatment, ManorIVF, a company dedicated to putting its patients first, decided to make a process that is stressful enough without having to make travel arrangements a little bit easier. Introducing our egg donation UK program!

Why Choose ManorIVF's Egg Donation UK Programme

  • Accessibility: With ManorIVF there is no need to travel outside of the UK for your egg donation treatment! ManorIVF’s collaboration with leading fertility clinics in the UK means we can transport your created embryos / chosen donor’s eggs to a clinic in the UK.
  • Success rates: We are one of the most experienced IVF centers in the world. Our egg donations programs have a close to 70% success rate (confirmed pregnancies).
  • We guarantee 4 good quality day-3 embryos OR 2 blastocysts.
  • Experience: Our team consists of fertility specialists who are considered to be leaders in the area of reproductive medicine and among the most experienced in the field.
  • World-class care: ManorIVF’s egg donation UK program complies with the UK’s Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) Code of Practice. We employ a highly-trained and experienced multidisciplinary team of fertility specialists, embryologists, nurses, counsellors, genetic counsellors, treatment coordinators and a compassionate and knowledgeable administrative team.
  • Advanced technology: World-class embryology, andrology and pathology laboratories, coupled with continual investment in our extensive research program to offer leading reproductive treatments and technologies.
  • Transportation safety: Our embryos, eggs and gametes are handled with personal care during the transportation process. They are hand-carried by professionals and do not undergo x-ray scans, ensuring optimal conditions.
  • No waiting lists! We have a wide pool of donors, who are readily available anytime, so you can start your treatment right away!
  • Affordable: Cost-effective treatment options with flexible payment plans.

Signing up with ManorIVF

Step 1 – Contacting ManorIVF (can be done either by you or by your UK clinic)

Your enquiry will be processed within 24hrs

As part of our Egg donation UK program ManorIVF has set-up collaboration agreements with leading fertility clinics in the UK, so your clinic may already have a Third Party Agreement with ManorIVF in-place. If such an agreement hasn’t yet been set-up ManorIVF will endeavor to get to the required Third Party Agreement arranged ASAP once approached by your clinic.

ManorIVF collaborates with City Fertility Clinic (16St John Street London) for the purpose of transporting eggs/embryos to UK-based patients. This unique cooperation model allows our patients to receive an exceptionally high level of medical care. For further details please email our Patients Services team at



Step 2 – You will receive the following forms, which are to be completed by you and your treating fertility specialist

  • Donor Characteristics Form
  • Partner Registration Form
  • Female Patient Registration Form
  • Welfare of Child Form
  • Semen Analysis and Sperm Storage Instructions Form
  • ManorIVF Recipient Consent Form
  • Consent to Disclosure of Information

Step 3 – Select Your Donor

The donor matching process will begin once we’ve received the Donor Characteristics Form, in which you will have described your donor’s preferred physical characteristics. We will endeavor to match your preferences as closely as possible. Your photo will optimize the matching process. Donor selection, screening, compensation and consent will follow HFEA guidelines.
* Please note that the recruitment of ethnic donors may take longer.

Step 4

Stimulation Cycle and Egg Retrieval (EGG PROGRAM)

Once a suitable donor is selected, stimulation cycle and egg harvesting will take place.
The retrieved eggs will be frozen (vitrified) and transported to your UK clinic (by ManorIVF’s on-board courier – click here to read about the advantages of using an on-board (hand-carry courier)), where fertilization, embryo creation and embryo transfer will take place.


Stimulation cycle and Egg Retrieval (EMBRYO PROGRAM)

Once a suitable donor is selected, stimulation cycle and egg harvesting will take place. Prior to the commencement of stimulation cycle, the patient’s partner’s frozen sperm sample will be deposited by ManorIVF’s on-board courier to our clinic in Cyprus/Ukraine where it will be used to fertilize the retrieved eggs will for the purpose of embryo creation. The embryos will then be frozen (vitrified) and transported to your UK clinic by ManorIVF’s on-board courier.

Embryo thawing and transfer will take place in your UK clinic.

Under the terms of the program ManorIVF guarantees at least 4 good quality day-3 embryos*
* Provided sperm samples are of sufficient quality. ManorIVF will still do its best to facilitate the successful creation of good quality embryos even if sperm quality is found to be insufficient.

Donor Compensation

ManorIVF does not pay donors for their eggs. Egg donation is considered altruistic in nature and our egg donation program follows HFEA guidelines. We only provide donors with reimbursement for their directly incurred expenses such as lost wages, traveling costs, accommodation, traveling companion expenses and childcare.

Payment by Installments:

    Payment may be made in three equal installments:

  • 1st installment: Upon signing the contact
  • 2nd installment: Prior to embryo transfer
  • 3rd installment: 30 days after the embryo transfer takes place.

Payment Methods

We accept payments in cash credit cards (MasterCard or Visa) or bank transfer.

Your enquiry will be processed within 24hrs

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Scientific Standards & Quality

All ManorIVF clinics are certified as operating in compliance with the highest standard and local ART standards.


An egg donor will become available to donate only after their screening is complete and our donor team has designated them as eligible...


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